At Sephora’s Fame we use Lycon Hot wax and Tea Tree Warm wax
Hot Wax (Lycon)
• Wax is applied and left on the skin until completely dry, after which it is removed in a quick motion ensuring painless and effective hair removal.
Hot wax is great if you struggle with ingrown hair and irritation as it pulls the hair from the root. The result is a smooth, hair-free and bump-free finish.

Strip Wax (Tea Tree)
• Warm wax is applied in the direction of your hair growth, a cotton strip is then smoothed over on top, gripping each hair underneath.
• Pulled in the direction against your hair growth, the strip is removed quickly taking with it the hair underneath.

Hollywood wax
The Hollywood wax is the removal of all hair in the intimate area.

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing is the method where the intimate area is completely bare, leaving a strip of hair at the top.

Bikini waxing
Bikini waxing is perfect as a quick, on the go treatment targeting hairs just outside your bikini line.
Ladies Leg Waxing
• Warm wax is gently applied to the area, layered with a cotton strip, it grips the hair underneath it.
• Removed by a quick motion, it takes the hair with it, ensuring a soft and hair-free finish.
Ladies Body Waxing:
Get rid of any unwanted hair on your body with the help of this painless waxing treatment.
• The beautician will firstly cleanse the area, then apply a warm wax following the growth of your hair.
• A cotton strip is applied on top, ensuring to grip each hair underneath. A quick motion and the strip is removed, taking with it the hair underneath.
• This is repeated until the whole area is free of hair.
Facial Waxing
Whether it’s the upper lip area or the sides of your face, facial waxing is a quick and effective way of getting rid of unwanted, pesky hairs on your face.
• Warm wax is applied to the area with a gentle motion, layered with a cotton strip, it grips the hair underneath it.
• Removed by a quick motion, it takes the hair

Book with us the following treatments and get 5 star service.

Brazilian-Warm Wax Tea Tree
Brazilian-Hot Wax Lycon
Hollywood-Warm wax Tea Tree
Hollywood-Hot Wax Lycon
Buttocks Waxing
Full Back Waxing
Full Body Waxing
Half Leg Waxing
Full Leg
Forearm Waxing
Underarm-Hot wax Lycon
Underarm-Warm wax Tea Tree